Old Chevy Truck

Owners of an Old Chevy Truck know that their truck is more than a form of transport, it is a legend, an icon and to many, a valued part of the family

For over a century, Chevrolet has been manufacturing trucks in the American market and the styling and appeal has developed cult status.

Classic models still attract big dollars on the used truck market and the Silverado continues to attract new buyers for one of American’s most well-known vehicle badges. In Australia, Chevy trucks have been distributed via American Vehicle Sales, based in Melbourne since 1944. In the Australian truck, the Chevy Truck is categorised more as a pickup truck or ute than the more widely accepted definition of a truck as a heavy duty transporter.

All truck owners have their own ‘Old Chevy’ memories – their favourite truck. Whether it is of a Chevrolet, a Ford, Mack, Kenworth, Freightliner, Western Star or perhaps a brand new Merc or Scania. If you’re looking to create great truck memories and derive a great income from a new truck, we bring together a range of information on truck sales, finance and insurance to streamline the process for you.


The Chevy Truck was first launched onto the US market in 1918 and has a proud century of innovation, development and tradition. In Australia the trucks have been available with right hand drive conversion since 1994 through a Melbourne-based company.


If you’re looking to purchase a Chevy truck in Australia, used vehicles are advertised on a number of websites and new enquiries can be made through www.chevroletaustralia.com But Chevy is just one truck manufacturer available in Australia. For more on trucks sales


Having the right insurance for your truck is not just smart business, it can mean the very viability of your business. The cost of insurance is a major consideration to truck operators and shopping around for the best value policy is essential.


Whether you’re an owner-operator, operate a small number of trucks or you run a large fleet concern, there is a commercial finance product to suit your business structure. We explain the different forms of truck finance available.


Having a rough idea of what your truck finance repayments might be BEFORE you commit to a purchase can be extremely helpful. This is possible with an online loan calculator.


When it’s time to source truck finance, you just know it’s going to be a time-consuming and sometimes infuriating process and you’ll likely have to be ‘off the road’ for hours or knock back work to allow time to do it properly. There is a better way – using a truck finance broker.